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We Charge No Call-out Fee

When you call us you’ll be happy to know that we do not charge a call-out fee. Once you have described the nature of the lock problem we can provide an accurate quote so you know exactly what you will need to pay. This avoids any nasty surprises. We believe in clear pricing so will detail exactly what needs to be paid.


When we attend the job we will do the work requested and provide a receipt for your records. If there are any unforeseen problems (and this is usually rare) we will explain fully what needs to be dome and what this would cost and only proceed with the work if you are completely happy and understand why such work may need to be done. In the majority of cases we can provide an accurate price on the telephone and this is the price you will pay.

Professional Assistance

These locksmiths is the crew of friendly professionals you can think of when you are in need of assistance during lockouts. Experts in their area who have qualified professionals who can reach out to you when you are panicking after locked out of your house due to negligence or mistake. We offer professional service and are available 24/7 Manchester locksmith for helping their customers. Our locksmith knows how to deal with specific problems related to locks and keys and how to help their customers waiting outside their premise in despair waiting to gain access to their property again.

Local Locksmith

A local service means that you benefit from lower prices and faster service. We understand that locksmithwhen you look for an expert you want a great price and a level of service that is the best that can be found in the industry.

It is important to remember that not all solutions will provide the customer with the best option and that is why we pride ourselves on outstanding skill and the best prices.

All too common are the stories of the so called expert who arrives at the customer’s premises with insufficient skill and knowledge to open locks with no damage.

As good as we are we will rarely resort to damaging a lock as we will be able to use his skill and training to open the lock using skilled lock-picking methods. This results in no damage to property and avoids the cost involved in having to replace damaged parts. The labour involved would also be higher as the so called expert will have spent valuable time on a job that was not necessary in the first place. The drilling of a lock is sometimes necessary but you will be informed of that so you are clear as to the work that needs to be done and the price.

Locksmiths At Your Service

key At your service night and day our team prides itself on the efficiency of its service. This results in lower prices and faster response times for its customers.

We offer a comprehensive range of  security services. Ultra Rapid Response times – with you in 30 minutes.

We don’t hang about so you don’t have to hang around. Fast, responsive and there in a flash when you need a locksmith.

We don’t charge a call out fee and provide you with a quote on the telephone so you know exactly what you will need to pay. We want you to be fully happy with the work we do and just as happy with the price you have paid.

Locksmith Ready Now

Don’t get left in the rain – call us now. There are many reasons why you should choose us.

  • 24 Hour
  • Fast Response
  • Vetted Staff
  • Cheap Quotes
  • No Hidden Extras

When you Need A Locksmith

We respond to urgent inquiries within 10 minutes to an hour, getting you safely back into your car, home or commercial premises. From tricky key extractions to complex alarm and surveillance systems, we can quickly find a solution to your locking problem.

Our security inspections and advice are highly regarded in the industry and by insurance companies. Our team can help you secure your property to insurance company standards using a combination of locking bars, padlocks, safes, security bars and shutters, window and door locks and all types of alarms and CCTV. Why not make a call to us now and start securing your property today? key cutting tool


As cheap Locksmiths we understand that when it comes to the security of your home or business premises, punctuality and cost-efficiency of work are among the most important considerations. There is no space for compromise over security work being on time and to budget.

Our team provides full, detailed quotes at the outset of the task or project, allowing you to budget for the work and avoiding any surprises. What’s more, agreed with you a schedule for the work to be done, we guarantee to meet that deadline.

Locksmiths that are outstanding

We work to exceed our customers’ expectations with our outstanding customer service. Our team supplies and installs durable products that meet you requirements, securing your residential, commercial or industrial premises through a combination of alarms, locks, surveillance systems and safes. We have stock ready to fit today, so contact us now.

Manchester Standards

Manchester is a security enterprise with a focus on key cutting for all property and vehicle types. We stock the full range of UK lock systems, from old fashioned Chubb and bolt locks to the more modern transponder chip keys found in contemporary cars.


At your local locksmith the focus is always on the client, so if we can’t fix the problem, we will advise you on someone who can. Our commitment to quality is absolute; our company guarantee is that if any product is found to be faulty within a year of normal use we will replace the part for free.

Manchester Prized Customer Care

manchesterAs Locksmiths we put the needs of our customers first. The man and women goes that extra mile to make sure that whatever the time of the day or night, whatever your security concern, we will leave you feeling safe and secure in your property.

Locksmith Feedback

We welcome customer feedback so that we can continue to improve the Locksmith and thereby retain our valued customer base. Our phone line is always available with knowledgeable staff who can investigate your situation and begin to give advice over the phone. With fast response times and all the security equipment you could need, our team provides the best service for all residents.


This locksmith is the only one you’ll need. Providing a first-class service for over 15 years. We have the skills and experience to address all your security requirements. Whilst our emergency service is second-to-none, we do so much more.

Our experts can change window and door locks, install safes and security systems and advise on a range of security issues. We are a modern, forward-thinking business and we always look to using the latest technology when it becomes available. This makes the our service efficient, meaning we can offer the most economical prices for our customers.

Locksmith that puts security first

open doorYour security is our number one concern. Here we would like to see everyone with safely secured homes and business premises so that they can rest easy in their beds knowing valuables and loved ones are protected.

We will never compromise on the quality of materials used. A discussion of your budget is an important step in the task, but we will only offer equipment meeting British Standards. Our skilled experts get the job done property. Contact us today and you will find a business that puts your security first.

Locksmith Trust

As you would expect from a firm dealing with your security, customer service is a priority for us. We understand that you want friendly faces you can trust, backed up by the qualifications and knowledge gained over years of work. We only employ qualified and CRB-checked staff.

Members of the staff are regularly trained to keep skills honed and to keep up-to-date with new developments in the trade and security technology. We will answer your call swiftly and get your property secured.

Our Clients

locked out ManchesterIndustrial clients of ours store thousands of pounds’ worth of equipment in their premises. We help protect against the risk of intruders and costly thefts by installing the best heavy-duty industrial security equipment on the market.

We can also fit surveillance devices to your building so that you have a record of everything going on in the area. We provide security inspection to assess points of entry to your building. Any vulnerable areas will be highlighted and we can work with you to get this secured and covered by CCTV.


From roll-shutters to lock-picking, our team works hard to keep your livelihood secure. We supply and fit shutters for shop fronts, metal detectors to prevent against shoplifting, and all types of locks, padlocks and safes to keep your stock and cash secure. We often work with bailiffs in need of gaining entry to buildings to recover property. Entry is gained discreetly and with a minimum of damage. To have your commercial property secured to meet insurance company standard, call us now.