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Why not call Locksmith Manchester today? We are happy to provide advice and free quotes as part of our clear pricing and friendly customer service policy.  Available all day all night for all unlocking, fitting and emergency lock work. All UPVC door repairs at your convenience.

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When it comes to your home security, we like many locksmiths in Manchester highly recommend cultivating good relationships with those who live close to you so you can be sure there are people around you that you can rely on. One of those people should be Locksmith Manchester and if you scroll below we can tell you why.

Locksmith Manchester Fast & Reliable

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You won’t regret making Locksmith Manchester your number one choice for fast response locksmith services. Providing comprehensive and professional services that you can rely on at any time and any day. We are at your disposal and await your call.

We keep our phone-line open and services available because we know that these things happen at unexpected times and not everyone can be available 24/7. That’s what separates us from the rest, and we guarantee a high-quality standard of work with an added touch of friendliness to ease to your stress. We won’t let you down.

Locksmith Manchester

Local Locksmith Serving Every Need

At locksmith Manchester we think everything through to the end leaving no stone unturned. A typical and very common issue is when keys go missing. Here, first we need to get you back into your home. Second, we need to change your lock to ensure your safety and everybody else’s safety in the house. We aim to promote security making it easy for you to get in but near impossible for anyone else.

Whereas the above example is more an emergency, we also provide advice and answer queries for non-emergencies. We can advise on all kinds of solutions for all kinds of budgets, including the provision of the latest security equipment. Our prices are reviewed regularly as we want them to be accessible to all. We believe that all communities should be secure, not just restricted to some. Whilst offering the most competitive prices in all of the Manchester area, we do not charge VAT or charge a call out fee. This is another way that we show our dedication to our customers and aim to create a long lasting relationship.

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To tell you a little more about us – we have been working in Manchester and its surrounding area for years. This experience means that we have seen all kinds of locks and their related issues, allowing us to deliver solutions in every case that are effective and meet customer needs. We build on this experience by continually training in the latest industry knowledge and using the tools that are recommended. We wouldn’t expect anything but the best  – need a local Bristol plumber?

This lends itself to our destructive free approach and the minimal damage we cause to your lock or door when carrying out work. Why would we create more stress for you – we are there to take it away!

Start your lock solution today by calling our office team. They can give you initial advice on what type of service you might require and how much it will cost, giving you peace of mind that you know what you will be paying. They can also get someone to you urgently, within the hour or the same day, or book them in around your busy schedule. We operate on a 24/7 basis so we can meet you after work or on a weekend, it’s just what we do.

Friendly Help This Winter With Locksmith Manchester

Locksmith Manchester is here to provide both a friendly service that is also professional built on years of experience in the Manchester area. We use this experience and familiarity of many different types of lock and problems to meet every customers needs and no matter what the problem is we will help to take the stress out of your day and provide the solution with a no fuss and efficient approach.

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We want our customers to feel safe in their own homes and this doesn’t have to be an expensive thing. We can provide the cheapest tips and tricks for home security to allow our customers to feel safe in their own bed at night. Call one of our friendly office members today for advice and a free quote to get started on making your home the safest place this winter. 

Our lockmiths at Locksmith Manchester can also help in times of stress and urgency. Say you are locked out of your car, home or business want just need to get inside. One of our friendly professionals who are fully insured can be with you urgently or at a time suited to you to help and take the stress out of your day.

Call us 24 hours a day any day of the week or year because we are a 24 hour locksmith and we will send one of our fully insured dedicated professionals local to the area to help look no further for a nearest locksmith.

New Security Solutions at Locksmith Manchester

With burglaries getting more sophisticated, we want our customers to have  a security system that matches that and can withstand a break-in. Here at locksmith Manchester we can help you find a new security solution today that matches your specific concerns and budget, and allow you to sleep more soundly at night.

It begins with a security survey by one of our locksmiths who can assess the weaknesses of your home. Security doesn’t have to be an expensive and time-consuming upgrade, it can be as simple as installing a door chain or updating your locks to UPVC door locks. For businesses, we can offer security shutters on windows and doors too. We can provide a bespoke service for you today tailored to your property and weaknesses so that you are adequately protected from thefts today!

new locks installed by locksmiths

Something else to consider by way of optimum security is whether your locks need changing to limit the amount of spare keys that people have to it. If you’ve faced a relationship that has come to an end, or are no longer comfortable with who has a key to your home, we’d love to help you today. We can install you with a new lock and cut you a key that only you have.

We believe that all customers deserve to feel safe in their homes and reflect this in our pricing. We are transparent about our costs and want them to be the most competitive in Manchester, so with us you won’t get hidden fees, call out charges or even VAT on our services or parts. We will always reassess our prices against others in the area because we want our high quality, professional services to be accessible for all. Call us today to find out more on how we can help you be more secure in your home or business, we can’t wait to help you!

Locksmith Manchester Supports Residents and Businesses

Being a local locksmith service working around the clock, we are proud to deliver locksmith solutions regardless of the issue for our customers. We have been serving the residential and commercial needs of our customers in Manchester for a number of years and know what kind of service they expect from us. We offer reliable, professional and high quality 24 hour locksmith services that can be counted on night or day. So whether you are facing an emergency locksmith situation, or an everyday one, you can be sure that we can help.

The solutions we offer our customers is based around combining our expertise from years of experiencing solving all kinds of lock problems, with the latest industry training and tools. So when you call us you can be sure that we will provide you with the most effective, up to date solution regardless of the problem. Our locksmiths at Manchester locksmith are efficient at what they do, so when you call we respond fast and perform the job fast without compromising on the quality. We will assess what kind of service you need and carry it out quickly to be out of your hair within the hour where possible. Leaving you to get on with your day as if it never happened!

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We offer a price that we are proud of. We are competitive locksmiths in Manchester and checking ourselves against other providers to ensure that we are accessible for our customers. We don’t want our customers to have to compromise by getting a low quality locksmith service that is bound to cause more problems, or try and fix it yourself. This is a a common occurence when customers are faced with a snapped key in the lock – they fiddle with it trying to get it out and either make it worse or cause damage to their lock. Our locksmiths will know instantly what to do and can either perform a lock replacement, repair or new lock installation.

Our services are fully comprehensive locksmith services covering security updates and installations too. Whether you own a home or a business, we want it to be protected the most that it can be. We offer a range of security options that can be tailored to the weaknesses of your property and your budget. We are certain we can help you sleep more soundly today, so call us and see what we can do for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Locksmith Help Around Christmas Time

Around Christmas time here at locksmith Manchester we are of course like the rest of the country buying our presents and preparing for the Christmas festivities. We are locksmiths we’re all year round and Christmas time and winter time is no exception. The only problem we have noticed here at locksmith Manchester is that it is an unfortunate time to find yourself locked out of your property. If you find yourself locked out of your house and in need of a locksmith please call us and we will attend your situation immediately.

It is unfortunate that this is the time of year when criminals choose to be more active. The weather which means we have cold nights and darkness very early in the day results in criminals having easy opportunities for those households and business owners who have not taken sufficient precaution to ensure that their security has been upgraded. We can upgrade your security so that your locksmith the latest Insurance standards and any potential criminal taking advantage of the Dark Nights is not given an easy opportunity to enter your property.

The materials used in houses and businesses is very often found to be causing problems for our customers. Metals woods and all the materials all known to move due to the chemical make-up. The heat may affect the reliability of these materials. It is therefore vital that in the event you noticed movement in the material of your doors and windows that you have these checked out by a locksmith Manchester. We can repair the locks and doors and windows garage door lockwhen the cold has resulted in movement which may cause the lock to fail.

Take your home security by the horns with a locksmith Manchester crew today

No room for delay, as there are no good reasons to keep yourself from the security you deserve today. Safety and security in our homes is one of the most valuable declarations of the great society we live in today. Of course no state can protect all their citizens as of yet, but locksmith Manchester keep optimism and hope for the future, and of course also provides home security which is affordable to those who can afford a house. The simplicity of upgrading your security with a highly skilled and talented locksmith Manchester is covered in one simple step.

Phone the number above, and all your security issues will be resolved quickly and at affordable prices. Remembering that securing your home and your own investments is one of the smartest things you can do, whilst leaving it open to risk and attack is perhaps one of the most ignorant things you can do. Those less fortunate who degrade into a life of stealing need to be kept out and away, and your locksmith Manchester team knows how to show them they are not welcome, to show them that they are not to try and interfere with the in some cases hard earned wealth of others.

High security systems are available which include monitoring, notification and other wireless features at a locksmith Manchester, and installation is fast and easy, especially seen from the perspective of the customer. The security questions you can or don’t want to take the time to find the answer for yourself are all welcome at the locksmith Manchester workshop, and informing, educating and helping you keep secure is a pleasure for the staff.

Locksmith Manchester Home Security

Here at Locksmith Manchester, we’re serious about home security and we think more people should be too. The basis for this analysis is the fact that a lot of the jobs we attend are break ins and the most common thing said to our workers is, “I wish I’d made it harder for them.” So now we’re on a mission to spread awareness about home security and how to improve yours. We think most people are thrown off by the words home security because of the movies leading us to believe that a home security system is only good if you’re a villain and people don’t think they’ll be able to afford the lasers or the shark tank. Stop! Home security doesn’t have to be expensive. in fact we can show you some of the cheapest tips and tricks to securing your home.

Home security by Locksmith ManchesterFirst of all you must know that home security doesn’t start inside your home, it actually starts in your garden, we think of your garden as a bridge that connects the outside world to your home, and you should make that bridge full of warnings to potential intruders. We recommend a motion sensor light if you’re working to a budget, you can find an external light with a motion sensor in your local hardware store for reasonably cheap.

Secondly we’d recommend checking the materials of your door and the types of locks on those doors, and then taking this information and doing some research into the most common type of break in associated with that lock and material door. for instance if you have a UPVC door you’re most at risk of lock snapping, so check if you have anti snap locks and if you don’t then install them and you could save yourself some serious money, and your belongings.

Locksmith Manchester Can Keep You Safe

Ensuring our customers are the safest they can be is of the utmost importance to locksmiths Manchester. Whether you’re locked outside your home or don’t feel safe in it, we can help. We offer a wide range of emergency and everyday services which are aimed at improving our customer’s feeling of being safe. Security is important and should be accessible for all, which is why our transparent and competitive prices are set at the rate they are. We want you to be able to afford high quality services today without crippling your budget or weekly takings from your local business. At Manchester locksmith, we support you.

lock changes performed by locksmiths

An emergency situation in which you will need a locksmith is when you’re locked out your home or have snapped your key in your lock. Don’t feel embarrassed – it has or will happen to us all at least once in our lives. Just be relieved that you have our number saved in your phone. We respond fast to emergency call outs with our 24 hour locksmith service so we can be there day or night. We aim to respond to calls within 2 hours and get the job done in under 1 hour, which means minimal disruption to your day and also gets you back to safety in no time.

However, locksmiths can be part of your everyday home security. We are sure that there are weak spots in your home right now which maybe you’ve spotted too and are keeping you awake at night. We can offer a security survey to find out where these are and then tailored security solutions aimed at sealing up these cracks in your home security. As burglaries get more sophisticated, it is important to have home security that matches it. We can offer a range of upgrades, from simple security chains, new window locks, anti-snap locks on doors, and shutters/bars for local businesses. Don’t let your home be unprotected today, call us to get started on feeling safe today!

Safe and sensible advice from locksmith Manchester

Safe and sensible adviceHome security should be conducted in layers. The first layer should be the actual security itself which locks your front door. If you have a wooden front door, your locksmith Manchester will always recommends you have a 5-lever mortise deadlock as standard. In fact, this should ideally be combined with a latch lock, like those produced by Yale. If you have a UPVC door, your property should have a British Standard anti-bump, anti-snap lock to guarantee maximum security. If you’re unsure what security your property currently has, a quick call to your friendly locksmith Manchester will ensure an accurate diagnosis.

However, this can’t guarantee the security of your property at the time. After all, it can be difficult to stop a determined burglar and there may be other ways into your property. As such, it is necessary to ensure that any potential criminal doesn’t even consider targeting your home in the first place. Thankfully, your expert locksmith Manchester has a number of hints and tips which you can bear in mind to protect your property.

When burglars go past properties the first thing they examine is how security conscious the occupants may be. They will look for how many locks you have and their quality. They’ll also look for the presence of any security lighting or alarms. After all, burglars don’t want to target a property which will result in attention being drawn to them. It may be surprising, but it will also be small things. For example, if you have a gate to your property, interviews with former burglars suggest that leaving it open is a shining beacon that the occupants don’t take their security properly.

It may also seem obvious, but what you do and don’t leave on display can influence your home security. Your locksmith Manchester can’t begin to recount the number of times one of our expert lock engineers has walked past properties in local neighbourhoods and seen properties with tools left out, our garden furniture on display which someone could easily climb on. In fact, even seeing properties with items of high worth clearly on display from the street!

The take away message from your expert locksmith Manchester is that you should take your security seriously. Think like a burglar and your property shall be safer for it.

Security Tightened By Locksmith Manchester

Your local locksmith can help you be more secure in your property today which you may not realise is compromised. As burglaries get more sophisticated, we are urging customers to check whether their property is as protected as it could be. It is likely there are weak spots in your home which as commonly known to burglars and which they can take advantage of when trying to gain access. That’s why you should call us to let us perform a security survey on your home to find out where these spots are. Locksmiths Manchester can then offer you a range of simple security upgrades and additions to your property targeted at sealing up those weak spots. Simple security chains, sophisticated anti-snap locks, or robust security shutters, are all on offer to residents and businesses in Manchester.

security upgrades

We aim to ensure that our prices are affordable and competitive as possible. Manchester locksmith believes that security should be accessible for all. When you call, we give you a free quote that we stand by and which doesn’t come with VAT or call out fees added on top. One simple price that you can count on not to break the bank.

We work around the clock to provide customers with a high quality locksmith service they can count on. This not only means we can be there instantly in an emergency, but we can also be there when you need us and when is convenient for you. So call us and let us know when that is, and we will be there weekday, public holiday, or on an evening after work. Professional locksmith services are easy to come by when you call and rely on Manchester locksmiths.

Locksmith Manchester Any Time Any Weather

Here at Manchester locksmith we don’t think we’e been enjoying the heatwave as much as everyone else seems to be enjoying it, the pubs are packed and everyone seems happier in general. While we don’t mind the effects it’s having on other people our job gets much much harder in this sort of heat, but what does that mean? Does it mean we’re going to take any time off and wait for it to pass? No we’re open for business as usual, our service relies on us being around  days a year no matter the weather, if there’s someone who needs a locksmith Manchester team in Manchester or the surrounding areas, we’ll be there when they need us.24/7 Locksmith Manchester

Well what about charging extra for having to work in this extreme heat? Absolutely not we feel like this would be the equivalent of charging more for when it’s raining, and we’d never do that business as usual ad that means our locksmith prices stay the same too.

Locksmith Manchester is happy to offer a simple easy to use service that’s quick and won’t add any stress to an already stressful lock out situation. Call today and speak to one of our trained advisors, and see what we can do for you, locksmith Manchester, any time any weather we’ll be here when you need us.

Good security habits by locksmith Manchester

It isn’t only down to your local locksmith Manchester to help protect your home, although that is a service that we are very good at. We are able to give customers security surveys to highlight the weaknesses in their homes and then going from there can provide personalised locksmith solutions to the gaps in their security. But today it’s about what you can do as a manchester customer to adequately protect yourself and your home. There are lots of simple, small changes that you can be making to better protect yourself today. Most of these cost absolutely nothing – it is more about a change in mindset.

lock repairs done by Manchester locksmith

Our tips today come directly from locksmiths Manchester experience working as professional locksmiths in the locksmith industry for years now. We like to give customers tips that come directly from other customers’ experiences getting locked out or improving their security, so that other customers can benefit by preventing these things happening. We never aim to give you a tip that wil cost you lots of money or be deliberately onerous amongst everything else happening in life. As we said, simple and small changes go a long way.

So what are these tips? The first is keeping your keys in the same place in your home. This prevents a lock out situation from occurring because it ensures that you won’t leave the home continually without your keys or lose them around your house. Keeping them routinely in one place ensures that you will always see them before you leave. Another tip we have today with more to come later is to get into a good security routine this summer when you’re leaving doors and windows open more often. Don’t put yourself in the situation of leaving windows open overnight or front windows unattended when you’re in the garden. Be smart about your security, be mindful, be like Manchester locksmiths.

Can locksmith Manchester provide help for new homeowners?

locksmith helpWhether you grew up here or have recently moved, you have the luxury of living in one of the best cities in the UK. It’s even more fantastic when you become a new homeowner for the first time. However, whilst this is of course a time for celebration, it also carries an increase in responsibility from when you previously rented someone else’s property. Unsurprisingly, many people call us regularly asking for tips and advice of what they should do when they move property for the first time to ensure their home is secure.

The most important thing you can do when you first move home is ensure that you have the locks changed. This is not meant to be a scare tactic, but more a means of ensuring you get into a good habit for every time you move home. Your local locksmith Manchester likes to remind you that you can never be certain when the locks on your property were last changed. It’s with that in mind that it is good to change the locks. Of course, with a professional, helpful locksmith Manchester this doesn’t have to be a huge expense. We offer discount to first time home owners to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

The next thing to do is conduct a security survey of your property. You may have done this before you bought the house, but it’s still worth doing now in case things have changed. In fact, you locksmith Manchester team have conducted many security surveys before and can offer you their services should you require them. Otherwise, we recommend that you look at the outside of your house and think like a burglar. If you think there’s anything you could use to climb your house, then make sure it’s hidden away, removed or hard to get to. If there are any locks exposed or doors loose, make sure they’re tightened and secured.

You always need to be one step ahead and with a locksmith Manchester, you will always be in safe hands.

Tips To Keep You Safe This Summer

As the weather is getting increasingly warmer, there is a temptation to throw open your windows and doors in an effort to keep your house cool. Locksmiths Manchester in no way is suggesting you keep all your windows shut this summer. But make sure you keep an eye on what windows are open where, and for how long. If you’re in the garden, keep the windows at the front of the house shut or on ventilation. Otherwise, it is not uncommon for burglars to reach in and grab what they can – a phone, wallet or anything of worth.

locked out fast relief

Another excellent way to keep yourself safe is to consider a security upgrade this summer provided by Manchester locksmith. We can provide a range of simple to sophisticated options aimed at tightening up your home security. It starts with a security survey by one of our professional locksmiths. We assess where the weak points in your home are, and how best to address those. Whether you’re looking for window locks, anti-snap locks on your door, a lock change or security shutters for your local business, we have got you covered.

A final top tip from us here at Manchester locksmiths, is to put in place simple steps to prevent a lock out situation from happening. One of the ways you can do this is by putting a bowl in your hallway by the door. That way, the first thing you do when you come in is put your keys in that bowl, and then the first thing you do when you leave is put them in again. No missing keys around the house, and no leaving the house without your keys and getting locked out! We also recommend a key chain for when you’re on the go, so you can keep all your keys in one place and attach it to your bag, wallet, jeans or a lanyard. Stay safe this summer and trust in the advice of local locksmith Manchester.

Safe installations and security upgrades with locksmith Manchester

locksmith manchester safe installation homeResidents of Manchester know more than most in cities across the UK, the damaging impact of the rise in criminal activity across the UK in recent years. We’re not sure exactly what the cause is, but the last few years has definitely seen a spike in calls from customers asking about potential security upgrades for their property.

Of particular concern is those with UPVC doors to their property. They’ve heard the reports of lock snapping by burglars and want to know what they can do to protect themselves against such activity. The main solution recommend by your locksmith Manchester is to invest in anti-snap, anti-bump euro cylinder locks. These are supplied as standard by your locksmith Manchester team unless the customer really cannot meet the budget. This is very rarely the case as most effective security is more affordable than ever before. We also believe that a price should not be put on keeping your property secure when the effects of not doing so are potentially disastrous.

Our expert lock engineers have also begun to recommend local residents take a leaf out of the book of business owners and invest in a safe. It doesn’t matter what exact type of property a commercial premises may be, you can safely guarantee that locked away in the manager’s office is a safe to secure the day’s takings and any other important documents belonging to the business.

This is an important consideration for homeowners too. Over the last few years, your locksmith Manchester has invested heavily in training staff to be able to safely supply, install and maintain a wide variety of safes to meet any budget or security needs. All safes are burglar and fire proof meaning you can be sure that should disaster strike, your most prized valuables and documents will be kept safe. For more information, call one of our friendly lock technicians today.

Locksmith For The Busy People

Life is understandably a bit fuller than it used to be. There are so many demands on our time these days, from working longer hours to fitting in family time, social engagements, chores, appointments, exercise and more. It’s therefore imperative that locksmiths like locksmith Manchester are as flexible as possible for its local customers. We work 24 hours around the clock to serve two reasons: firstly, to be in an emergency, and secondly to work around all kinds of schedules.

locksmith Manchester changes locks fast

Say you’ve come home from a long day at work only to reach into your pocket and discover that your keys aren’t there. After many hours working it is the last thing you want to be stuck outside your house for hours. Manchester locksmiths can be there within 1-2 hours maximum and complete the job in under an hour. We will give you a clear time over the phone of when we will arrive and update you 15 minutes before we are due. That way, we are constantly providing reassurance that an expert is on the way and we won’t keep you waiting for long.

But even if it isn’t an emergency and you’re needing a lock change, installation or repair, we know fitting that work in can be difficult. So by working 24 hours a day, any day of the week, we are sure we will be able to slot into your schedule. Don’t be afraid to call us on a weekend, on a public holiday – we work all the time. Let us put you first this weekend and call Manchester locksmiths now.

Locksmith Top Tips For Safety and Security

Improving the safety of your home doesn’t just consist of what level of home security you have. Whether you have anti-snap locks and an alarm system. Safety begins with the customer. Locksmith Manchester has seen all kinds of ways that customers have compromised their safety over the years. And we are here to tell you that there are things you can do to protect yourself today. This isn’t only aimed at keeping you safe, but saving you time and money in the future too.

prioritise your home security say locksmiths

The first security tip we have for you is aimed at your key safety. Losing your keys or leaving keys inside the house are the two most common reasons that customers get locked out. We want to prevent that happening in future so abide by Manchester locksmiths simple tips to reduce the chances! One of the best ways to keep your keys together is to get a humble key ring. Before you roll your eyes at us, these are highly effective! That’s because they do several things. You can firstly attach them to the inside of your back or your jeans so they won’t fall out your pocket. And if they do fall, they are heavier so they’re harder to miss.

Another top tip we have for improving your safety is season specific. We are all enjoying the warmer weather and longer days at the moment. But don’t let this be an excuse for lax security. If you have windows open all day, keep a check on which ones are open and for how long. Don’t leave front windows open when you’re in the garden and only keep windows on ventilation mode overnight. Follow locksmiths Manchesters simple guidance and your security will improve considerably.

What are your security habits?

While locksmith Manchester is on call for all your needs today and can help with any lock issue you have: snapped keys in locks, being locked out, lock repairs and changes. Any security issue – and that is technically everything to do with your locks as it can compromise your home security – and we are the local locksmith for you. Don’t hesitate to call us night or day, weekend or weekday, when you’re having an issue with your locks and need a professional to sort it out for you. We have years of experience under our belt and the latest modern tools and locksmith industry know how guaranteed to get you the best locksmith service.

new keys for changed lock

However, locksmiths Manchester also wants you the customer to get into good security habits today. It all begins with a change of mindset that prioritises your home security. Because doing that protects you, your household and your belongings. So change your mind and take action today for a safer day to day living in your house. Firstly, make everyone responsible for security – if it falls on one person its likely to get forgotten. Establish a daily routine you can all partake in. Whether its who shuts the upstairs and downstairs windows before bed, or where you decide to keep the keys in the house, discuss with your household today.

Manchester locksmiths always encourage customers not to keep valuables close to windows too. This is for two reasons: firstly opportunist burglars passing if the window is open only need to reach in and take it. If this is a set of house keys they can easily come back later, or if car keys they can steal it off the drive! But having valuables near the window also encourages burglars to try and break in in order to ascetain what other goods you may have. Be smart about security today and trust in the wise words of long-lasting local locksmith Manchester.

Locksmith Manchester Customer Service

Locksmith customer serviceHere at Locksmith Manchester, customer service is almost as important if not just as important as our locksmith work, that’s why instead of just rambling on for three pages about our ethos and the company policies, we’re just going to get straight to the point. We think how you treat your customers is directly linked to how long your business stays a business. We think that it’s absolutely shocking how some companies, especially bigger ones are able to repeatedly able to mistreat their customers over and over again and not feel the repercussions. With some companies even charging people based on where they live.

We think this is highly unprofessional and would never wish to work in this way. That’s why instead of rambling on for 3 pages about how seriously we take customer service we’ll just tell you how we’re actively making an effort to make customer service one of our top priorities.

With no call out fees and a 24/7 365 day a year phone line we’re sure that you’ll find every business encounter with us painless and stress free. There’s no automated robot and all of our advisors are trained and know what they’re talking about, just a little way we like to say thank you to the people of Manchester for their continued support over the last 20 years.

Manchester Locksmiths Are Your Local Choice

Need a high quality Manchester locksmith for an unbeatable price? We have you covered. At locksmith Manchester we like to provide customers with the best of both world rather than asking customers to choose. That’s because our customers come first with us. We have been around long enough to know what matters to our customers: reliability, consistency in quality of service regardless of what they call us for, and a fair price. So we work on being able to give that to customers for all services, all year round. Being highly adaptive to the locksmith industry helps, as then we are keeping an eye on how we can improve on our services and do better for our customers.

local locksmith solutions

The first thing we’d like to say to convince you to make us your local Manchester locksmiths, is that whenever you need us, we are available. That isn’t an exaggeration – our services are 24 hours a day, every day of the week, every day of the year. Even public holidays. Our reasoning for this is that lock problems rarely happen conveniently. Nor do they happen or get discovered between the convenient hours of 9-5pm Monday-Friday. That’s when you’re at work, so why would those be the only hours that locksmiths Manchester works? It’s logical to us to adapt to the fast-paced, always moving world that we now live in. So call on the 24 hour locksmith local to Manchester who is able to be with you in 1-2 hours.

Another reason we’d make an ideal local locksmith is that we cover a comprehensive set of services, and deliver a consistent quality for them all. Given that we’ve been around for years and only employ locksmiths who are as committed to quality as we are. We endeavour to do better every time by discovering what has worked best through experience, perfecting that approach until it’s the best it can be, then staying on top of industry updates to be sure it really is the best approach out there for our customers. Trust in the process of locksmith Manchester and call today.

Locksmith Manchester your home security experts

locksmith manchester thumb turnOnce you have decided on upgrading your security you need to be sure you can speak to an expert security advisor. After all, with so many options and choices for lock upgrades and new security installations, it can often be difficult knowing where to start. The security market is constantly shifting and changing, so a local security expert needs to keep up to date with all the latest developments. What can often be more confusing is that a local security expert Manchester can now provide so much more for your property. The locksmith Manchester is a fully-fledged home security provider capable of installing high-tech security systems such as CCTV and alarm systems which are perfectly installed on your property. If you are unsure of the security upgrades you may require, the local locksmith Manchester can carry out a full security survey of your property in order to determine the appropriate security options available for your home. All works are discussed fully to enable you to determine which lock upgrade is most suitable for your home and with your budget.

Thankfully, home security no longer has to break the bank. Affordability has always been at the heart of all work carried out by the locksmith Manchester and increased competition between lock manufacturers has driven the prices of products down whilst still maintaining the quality of the product. Locksmith Manchester also prioritises effective security. Just because there are cheaper products does not mean that the professional team skimp on quality. All locks installed, no matter what your budget, will always be British Standard. This means that not only will you have a effective lock installations, but you will have the minimum level of security usually required by home insurance providers. If you are unsure about what is required by your home insurance policy, a diligent locksmith Manchester can sift through your documentation to ensure that any installation validates your insurance policy so that in the worst case scenario, you are adequately protected.

Can a high security home be made to look stylish with locksmith Manchester installers?

Presentation is a point often pressed, and with validity. It matters, not only to your feeling of a home, but also to how secure it looks from the eyes of a burglar. If fears of making your home or place of business look like a prison is stopping you from contacting a locksmith Manchester now, please think no more of it. Lift the receiver and dial the number for skilled and style aware locksmith Manchester specialists now. Who can help your security to the high standard it needs to be in today’s hardened world of risk. As well as to ensure that it looks good.

Stylish high security from specialist installersOutward looks is to an understanding locksmith Manchester security professional as important as making sure that you get what you are after at a competitive price. In other words, you as the customer comes first. You lock needs, and security features will always be fulfilled to please security requirements for the area, your insurance company and of course you.

A conversation about how to upgrade your security to fit your needs, to keep you safe, to look good at the same time can be had with technicians in locksmith Manchester areas now. The telephone number is to be found above and we are convinced that if you give us a try, you’ll soon find how wonderful and encompassing our full range of services are. Every job, performed with dedication, to taste and perfection with skilled and trained locksmith Manchester technicians at times that suit you. Lock, security, home security, business security. Alarms, security additions and upgrades. All available to you right now. Feel free to call. ease think no more of it. Lift the receiver and dial the number for skilled and style aware locksmith Manchester specialists now. Who can help your security to the high standard it needs to be in today’s hardened world of risk. As well as to ensure that it looks good.

Lock checks, maintenance and installation made easy with a trusted locksmith Manchester assistant by your side

Get the full use of great trained and skilled professionals though a simple phone call by using the number above. With the right service you’ll have everything you need, easy, quick and without any additional hassle for you. You don’t even have to think about when you need your locks checked. With us you can book in for regular lock checks at your chosen interval. And though the help of skilled locksmith Manchester technicians, no time will be wasted. Alignment and precision installation with specialist tools in the cases that require it is available with us.

Having a quick and easy to access locksmith Manchester professional is to keep yourself safe from lockout situations and other lock emergencies as well. Lock maintenance, checks and home insurance lock validation you can get locally and without complication.

Lock checks with affordable locksmith Manchester membersLocksmith Manchester professionals will always care for your security. And prioritise your emergency should you be in a difficult situation. In the middle of the night, or during the day. You can book in for what you need. Installation work when it comes to locks should always be handled by a skilled technician with experience. Without proper installation vital aspects may be forgotten. And due to it the security may be heavily diminished. Speak to a locksmith Manchester professional on the number above right now to find out more details about your lock installation now.

Ring at any hour and a locksmith Manchester service who understands your emergency will always be quick to the rescue. If needed. Booking in for a lock survey or inspection can be done at your convenience, and you can trust that our prices will be both competitive and affordable.

Mortise lock installations which validate your home insurance policy from a professional locksmith Manchester

mortise lockWith a rise in criminal activity across the UK, especially in Manchester, this locksmith Manchester has noticed that home insurance providers are getting a lot stricter in their requirements for a valid home insurance policy.

Most properties, unless they are a (relatively) new build, have a wooden front door. This is important to note when assessing your home security as it lets you know the security options that are available to you. Most of us understand what a Yale night latch lock looks like. In fact, most of us have them on our current properties. The fact they’re cheap to produce and easy to install means that they can be found on most properties. However, the convenience does come at a security cost if left in isolation, and this has been reflected in the attitude of home insurance providers.

Most insurers now not only require the presence of a mortise lock, but a 5 lever British Standard one. Whether you are told you require a sash lock or deadlock does not matter, as they are both a form of mortise with only slight differences, usually dependent on aesthetics. This type of lock is supplied as standard by your locksmith Manchester and provides effective home security. The 5 levers are the number which need to be turned by the key in the lock, while the British Standard insignia also tells you about the extra security mechanisms present in the lock. This means your mortise lock has an longer bolt throw, a security curtain which protects the levers from outside interference, and an anti-drill plate.

If you are unsure about what is required by your home insurance policy, a helpful locksmith Manchester will be more than happy to sift through any documentation to ensure we can complete an installation which protects both your home and your insurance policy.

Cost-effective home security upgrades with your locksmith Manchester

Locksmith Manchester anti-thrust plateLike other parts of the UK, Manchester has seen the beginnings of an increased crime-wave spreading across the city. With this has come increased calls to your trusted locksmith Manchester enquiring about what can be done to protect homes further. It is vital that the importance of this is understood. This is where we protect our family and sentimental items and adequate protection can help relieve any unnecessary anxiety and stress which may be detrimental to health. So for a better well-being, it is important you have appropriate security on your property. The next worry for customers tends to be how they are going to be able to afford it. While we believe that you shouldn’t put a price on security, we also understand that not everyone can pay over the odds which is why we ensure all our works are cost-effective. We don’t believe anyone should be priced out of effective home security and we work hard to ensure this.

The best place to start when considering a security upgrade is your front door. This is often the most cost-effective place to start too as very simple upgrades can be made to any door to add a further layer of protection. Any door can be enhanced by installing a key chain. These not only protect you from unwanted visitors in normal scenarios, but they also add a deterrent to criminals trying to break and enter into your house. With your UPVC doors people often think that because they have an intricate locking mechanism, they must be secure. However, unless you have an anti-snap euro-cylinder installed, it’s relatively simple for a criminal to snap the lock and easily enter your property. It’s for this reason that Manchester’s Locksmiths only use 3 Star British Standard anti-snap locks for all installations. With wooden doors, we always recommend having a mortise lock as well as a Yale lock if your property doesn’t already have one. If it does, we then like to recommend anti-thrust plates too. These are effectively a metal strip that covers that gap between your door and the door frame and prevents anyone from sticking any tools in the door to pry it open.

All these methods and more are cost-effective and come with quick installation times. For more information, make sure you call one of our friendly locksmiths Manchester today.

Locksmith Manchester Fast response Times

Here at locksmith Manchester, we appreciate that you probably don’t have the time to be waiting outside the front of your house all day waiting for a locksmith to come and let you in, and we also know the longer you wait the the more irritating it becomes knowing you’re locked out, and sometimes the biggest struggle can be finding someone to come out and let you back in, but not only that but someone who’s near to you, knows how to replace your lock if required and won’t charge you an arm and a leg in the process. Fast Locksmith in Manchester

Well, locksmith Manchester has some good news for you if you’re locked out in the Manchester or surrounding areas, because we cover the whole of Manchester 365 days of the year against any type of lock out, and we’ll be able to get you someone to let you back in your home in the same day. Locksmith Manchester has fast response times and the is most simple and easy to use service in Manchester.

Locksmith Manchester just want to make everything as simple as it can be for the people of Manchester who need our services. This starts with having fully trained office staff who will be able to quote you a price on your lock out within a matter of seconds from your call, and if you’re happy with the quote we’ll send someone out to you right away, and you’ll be in in no time. Call locksmith Manchester today and see if we can’t get you back up and running with your day!

Is a burglar alarm something I should buy?

Walking down the streets today you might encounter the little, often white and flat panels which indicate that the building has a security alarm installed. The Manchester police will surely suggest an a alarm to keep thieves away. If this has made you think about your own security. If it has you asking the question if a burglar alarm is something you should buy. It brings us, as industry professionals, a tinge of joy. This is because it means that you are becoming more aware of your own security. Home and business security awareness is something that we both endorse and recommend.

On the question of if a burglar alarm is something you should buy we can only say that it’s something we highly recommend as a second step to good security. The first one being up to date high security locks for your doors and windows. The deterring effect of the visible panel outside the house also reduces risk, and homes fitted with a burglar alarm are less likely to be targeted.

The relative cost involved is affordable and in the minds of our technicians a venture well worth the investment. The most common type of burglar alarm that is bought from us is a bells only type which will simply sound a sonorous bell if set off. However if you are thinking about having a burglar alarm installed, there are many models which come with features such as direct notification and remote access which may be worth glance. The additional cost is small relative the many and great benefits of a high security alarm, monitoring and notification system.

A burglar alarm is something that you should buy, especially if specified by any insurance policy that you have. If you are confused and don’t know what to get to keep in line with your policy. Ringing the local experts available here for a chat about your burglar alarm upgrade or installation is something you can do at any time.

Get into a good security routine today, says locksmith Manchester

Locksmiths that can respond to your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and cover all lock related issues are handy to have. Locksmith Manchester has been happily providing customers with comprehensive locksmith services for years now and continually is improving on the way it does this, how fast and for what price. However, it isn’t all down to locksmiths Manchester – the customer has a part to play too. While we are always happy to receive your call, we’d rather it not be for something that you the customer could’ve prevented. We want you to take steps to prioritise your security like we do.

keeping keys safe in home

The first step you can take is by getting into a good routine with your keys, says Manchester locksmiths. Put them in one place. Wandering about the house with your keys when you come in and putting them on your dressing table, chest of drawers, throwing them on the lounge coffee table – these aren’t helpful for when you’re inevitably leaving in a rush the next morning. Simple things can help with this – get yourself a bowl by your doorway. Put your keys in that. You won’t miss them when you leave in the morning as they are staring you in the face.

Next up from Manchester locksmith is a really simple and did we mention free tip is to involve your whole house in your routine. Make people responsible for different things. Especially as we move into warm summer months, delegate who is responsible for shutting the downstairs windows before bed? What about upstairs? When you leave the house do you have a habit of checking what windows are open? Are your windows locked at night? Have a discussion with your housemates or family about things you can all do to ease the burden of checking your home security is tight and protect yourself against break ins this summer.

Maintenance and regular lock and security checks for your business from a skilled locksmith Manchester technician

Let us care for your business security and leave head space for your mind to focus on the things that matter the most. By leaving your security concerns in the hands of a trusted specialist on a regular basis. You can think about the more important matters of how to grow your business, how to expand and how to make it bigger in your area and in the world.

Smooth door handle and high security lock with locksmith ManchesterLocal locksmith Manchester are close, ready at all hours and happy to provide you with the customised security assistance you need. Regular security checks are especially important for businesses which hold stock on site or which use expensive equipment and technologies on site which may be attractive to unwelcome burglars. If you have taken out an insurance policy it may even require you to have professional lock and security surveys performed by certified lock service providers.

Speak to the friendly, fast and business security specialists at locksmith Manchester now and start your journey. The one that ends in your best security solution. And the regular security inspections which keep your features in top condition. At all times.

Business security features such as security bar installations, shutters, safes, central locking systems and more are available with our skilled team. All you have to do is call us now and have an easy conversation about what you need. Merited, well reputed, and trusted, our locksmith Manchester crew brings what you need with a smile.

Our passion is to keep your business or your home secure. Home or business security made easy for you, so that you can put your mind to life’s other challenges and matters.

Lock checks for every home and business with locksmith Manchester lock service professionals

Check locks and security A simple and not often discussed security action that you can take to improve on the security wherever you are is that of the lock and security check. By letting a professional have a quick and close lock at all the locks present in your home or at your workplace, by going over the risks involved with each entry point to the building in detail and by having a keen eye for detail and spotting security risks, you can put yourself outside of the sight-line for any burglar or thief who are looking at your building with interest.

Averting the eyes of these malicious parties is in your greatest interest, and if you get in touch with locksmith Manchester now, you can find the help you need to build the security and defence you need against such eyes. Security and lock checks are quickly performed by those who have been in the industry for as long as we have. If you want to call and ask us about the security inspections we perform in detail, feel free to do so at any time, and if you simply want to call and book in, of course you can do that as well. We are here at all hours of every day, to make sure that your emergency lockout situation can be resolved quickly, also meaning that you can call now to book, in that long overdue check that your home or business premises is in need of.

Business protection with your Manchester locksmith

safesJust like your home, protecting your business is important. However, unlike domestic properties, protecting your commercial property can often prove difficult due to the varying nature of them. When we think of commercial properties, we usually think of an office block. However, business premises also include shops found on the high-street and warehouses. Each property type has special security requirements and each property type needs a locksmith capable of understanding this in order to provide appropriate security solutions.

Our highly-trained locksmiths are capable of providing a wide range of installations. Whether it’s installing CCTV security systems at your office or repairing and installing shutters for your shop on the high-street. With years of experience, our expert Manchester locksmiths are capable of assisting you with any commercial security matters you may have.

We provide our security services for companies of all sizes and we are always more than happy to provide free advice, as well as working on upgrades and new installations for competitive prices. While it is important to protect your premises from people on the outside, it’s also important to protect your property that’s on the inside. Your Manchester locksmith not only stocks a wide range of safes for you to keep the day’s takings, but also has the latest tools and equipment to ensure efficient repairs for both mechanical and electronic safe systems.

If you are a new business and new to having your own office or business security, then don’t hesitate to get in touch as well. Our expert Manchester locksmiths can help provide a security solution tailored to your needs and reflective of your budget. For any questions you may have, do not hesitate to get in contact with a security professional 24/7 here at Manchester’s Locksmiths who can provide answers to all questions you may have.i

Emergency access with an understanding locksmith Manchester

your locksmith Manchester emergency lockout assistance when keys are lostQuick arrival in the cases where emergency access is needed comes as a given for the guys there, and with great understanding of your stressful lockout situation, we prioritise your needs and rushes to you aid. From having met with many people in left in stressful and difficult circumstances we know what can be at stake in these situations.

You may have a plane or train to catch, one which will not wait due to the little catastrophe you are now faced with, the wind may have slammed the door behind you as you took the garbage out leaving your infant inside unattended, or you may already face health issues which are severely worsened by being locked out of your home. These are just a few of the many scenarios which this experienced locksmith Manchester have come across, which all add to the strong compassion we feel for those in such a difficult situation.

If you are currently facing such a challenge, make sure that you get in touch with the work force now, and help will be on the way rapidly. From the moment of taking your call until we arrive on site with you is among the fastest of the locksmith Manchester emergency lockout service providers in the area, and our good reputation speak also of the high priority we place on people and being able to help during hard times.

Call us now and find the emergency locksmith help you need, or ask for a quote for the job you require. We are flexible, fast and trusted by our many long term customers who can testify to our dedication to you and your lock and security needs.

Fast assistance locally from your locksmith Manchester experts

fast lockout help from your locksmith manchester specialistsComing to your aid fast at times of panic and despair is something that the lovely men and women here does gladly, not only to ensure that we have a full range of services, but to ensure that those living in our neck of the woods never have to feel strung out and left outside in the cold. We understand how important it is with fast service in this day and age where everything seems to be moving at a higher pace than just a few decades ago, and with busy lives comes a greater risk for anxiety and stress related symptoms which are negative on your mental health.

Speaking to a trained locksmith Manchester can also help you find a better situation for your home or workplace, as far as a security standing goes, and the staff here also knows that many suffer worries due to lack of a good security situation without realising it. A large number of our customers who we installed new locks and security systems for reported back happily to us that they felt much safer in their homes, and many of them said it helped them sleep at night, knowing that they were not only better protected physically, but also financially. If you are curious to find out how this diligent locksmith Manchester can help improve on your security, or if you are simply in an urgent need at the present, ensure that you give us a call now. It’s never too soon to have a look over your own situation and brush up on the parts which need it.

With us your renewal will be at affordable rates and using only high quality products to keep you well protected. Of course, a range of other services is also available at a dial of our number, key cutting, security checks, maintenance, repair and much more. Come to us to find out what a good long term customer and service relationship is all about by experiencing the excellent and friendly service we provide. If it’s blocked drains that need to be unblocked then why not call our recommended friends by following the link.

Your locksmith Manchester provision person with focus on your home security

Your locksmith Manchester with home security tipsAt times the workmen here is surprised by the lack of simple security measures which can be implemented at virtually no cost in any regular household. It’s natural that a passionate work group which specialises in home security would think such things, however that is no excuse for the fact. As in there are plenty of ways in which you can become more secure at home without breaking the bank, and with a point so pressing in the present such as security, there are simply no good reasons to remain passive in the matter. Get in touch with your great locksmith Manchester now to find out how you can improve on your home security situation without having to spend a fortune.

With individually tailored affordable home security packages your locksmith Manchester can no doubt help you get up to a decent standard of security, which will both cover you financially as well as keep you physically well protected against any attack. It’s not the intention of this locksmith Manchester to alarm you, however with crime rates always in flux, there is no better way to keep secure than to get in touch with an expert in the field. You can get in touch with the flexible and fast at any time, and with a quick turn around you will be up and running in a much more secure way than ever before. Call with your questions and your needs today, your free, clear and competitive quote is waiting for you.

A locksmith Manchester re-installer with tried and tested products

locksmith service with tested productsMaking your day to day more secure is the mission of the genuine boys of caring individuals who make up our service. And by coming to us to have your needs satisfied you will be not only be getting top quality service, conveniently and at a competitive price, but you will also be able to enjoy the benefits of great security products which come from a long row of trials and test. Our products are from known and relied upon manufacturers which time and time again have proven their high product quality in the items they supply.

There are many new innovative solutions hitting the industry market today, and your locksmith Manchester service are always on the lookout for great ideas and great deals, however when it comes to such an important feature as the security of your business or your home hearing the experts and seeing what has been the most efficient in the past hold great wisdom in security building. By combining new and old your locksmith Manchester service provides you with solutions which are both current, solid from a historical point of view and to your preference.

Here the staff sees security for your home or your business as a matter of safety, and although some gadgets may seem flashy and sell themselves on points of integration and remote access to your home cameras, such a system alone will not provide the physical security of a good lock installation on your doors. So should you be pondering your security situation in the present, why not speak to a locksmith Manchester experts who have helped a long row of homes and businesses to applicable and effective security in their past. Feel free to call now!

A caring locksmith Manchester who always takes your view

your caring locksmith manchester at your serviceFor insight and understanding to anyone’s home or business security situation it’s important not only to look at the physical aspects of area and the building. But also to take into account the view of the users who will be in contact with any security system installed as often as every day.

This of course is a strong driver to why this locksmith Manchester always makes sure that your view, as the customer and as the user, is taken into account. Giving deep consideration to the user’s preferences and working to find a custom solution to fit both your needs as well as reach as high as possible on the security standards scale with the budget you have in mind is something that the caring locksmith Manchester here does as a standard practice.

We understand how important it is to have depth and relevant insight into your personal security situation, to find the right solution for you. You can call us at any time if there is anything on your mind concerning keys, locks or security. And with the hard working locksmith Manchester here, you can expect the phone to be answered any time you give us a ring.

With the labourers here you can be sure to get the services you require at high standards, great flexibility and of course the friendliness which has earned this locksmith Manchester their great reputation for keeping prosperous and beneficial long term customer relationships. Call now to find the services and information you need.

The finest keys cut from a locksmith Manchester who knows quality

locksmith manchester durable keyThere are a wide range of key suppliers on the current industry market, and making sure that you get high quality keys cut by a professional locksmith Manchester is something which we can’t stress the importance of enough. This is simply so that you can avoid the issues that come with low quality keys which can cause damage to your locks, especially if used as regular as several times a day. So if you are in need of getting spare keys cut, why not get in touch with a locksmith Manchester who knows the market, and knows what distinguishes a poorly made key and a strong, lasting and high quality key cut to perfection.

So to make sure that you best avoid the heightened risk of damage to your lock, or that you key snaps inside of the lock due to the weak material it’s been made out of causing you a potential emergency scenario where you cannot open or close the lock, come to a locksmith Manchester key cutter who is renowned for quality and service. Being dedicated to customers you can rest assured knowing that your best interests is always kept in mind, and should you for any reason land in that difficult circumstance of being locked out, or being unable to secure the lock to your home or business premises you can always call our emergency lockout service. And with a locksmith Manchester emergency lockout service which is always ready to help you in times of need, your stress and anxiety caused by such a situation will also be kept to a minimum. So make sure that you keep our number and call us at any time you need us, the emergency lockout line is always open to ensure that your emergency is resolved as quickly and as smoothly as possible, meaning minimal disruption to your plans.

And with a flexible locksmith Manchester, any of your day to day requirements such as lock repairs and replacements can be arranged at a time best suited to you.

Locksmith Manchester Direct

When you call you will come straight through to me and not a call centre. Direct to your local Locksmith Manchester!locksmith-manchester-cheap

I am happy to answer any questions you might have in relation to the service I offer, prices and arrival times. I am established and trusted by all of my customers so you can be certain of the best service and price in the area.

  • Expert Locksmith Manchester
  • Fully Qualified
  • Fully Insured
  • Established
  • CRB Checked
  •  Guaranteed Work

Locksmith Manchester Security Upgrade

locksmith manchesterMany doors still have the old cylinder locks fitted which present a security weakness. Let Locksmith Manchester upgrade your locks to ensure you have the best security possible for your home, business and commercial premises. We can visit you at a time that is convenient to upgrade your locks at surprisingly low cost. There’s no need to change your doors, let Locksmith Manchester install the latest anti-snap locks to bring your property up to the security levels you deserve. Call now for a quote and book your upgrade today.

Locksmith Manchester anti-snap lock

Locksmith Manchester 24/7 Service

Locksmith Manchester

We are always ready to receive your call and help you. We work 24/7, 365 days all-round the year and are never close. Locksmith Manchester work hard to enable our customers enjoy their life, where one can occasionally forget to carry the keys of home or premises, while rushing to work or in other instances. Locksmith Manchester work every day and efficiently take your calls. We understand your problems and are happy to offer you free advice over call to determine the next course of action. You can decide to choose our service and if needed, Locksmith Manchester can arrange a quick visit to the premise.

Locksmith Manchester Quality Service

Quality service to all the customers. The quality of the service is unmatchable and the prices that we offer are unbeatable. We know the key to success because we know the key to all doors. Having worked in this area for many years and gained confidence of our customers. There is no lock that we cannot open and there is no key that we cannot replace. If there is a problem, Locksmith Manchester has a solution. And the solution is only a phone call away. Locksmith Manchester always provides quality services to our customers.

Locksmith Manchester Customer Priority

keys cutWe never do nay unnecessary work and will never do anything without your full understanding and prior permission. We aim to maintain the highest levels of customer service at all times.

As high quality Locksmith Manchester we have the experience and knowledge to deal with any type of lock. Mortice locks, UPVC doors, door security,catches latches and bolts.

There’s not a lock we haven’t seen or can’t open. We have never attended a job and not been able to gain access. So confident in our ability to open anything, we provide a  guarantee on our services. If we can’t deal with it then there’s absolutely nothing to pay.

Locksmith Manchester Residential

upvc door repairsBesides supplying and fitting rim locks, mortice locks and deadlocks for external doors, Locksmith Manchester also secures windows and is able to utilise the staff’s many years of professional experience to advise on the best security methods and equipment for your property. Many residential clients do not realise the value of property stored in vulnerable outbuildings.

Locksmith Manchester’s Tools

Such property is often valuable both in monetary terms and in terms being tools used by potential intruders. Locksmith Manchester notices time and again during security surveys that outbuildings are left vulnerable. We supply and install a range of locking equipment specifically for such requirements, such as bolts, locking bars and garage locks. Protect every part of your home by contacting Locksmith Manchester today to discuss your requirements.

We also provide a swift lock-changing service for customers who have just moved into a new property or where there has been a difficult domestic dispute. Whatever your needs we have it covered!

Locksmith Manchester’s reputation for a reason

manchester locksmithThere is a reason We have the best reputation  in the local area. Quite simply, we know what the customer wants and we won’t rest until we meet that expectation. Our customers are looking for speed of response, and reliability of both staff and materials.

A lot of Locksmith Manchester work is generated by previous customers recommending us to family and friends. We are a trusted service and have worked in the city for many years. Covering the full range of security tasks, from lock changing to master key systems, the Locksmith Manchester number is the only one you’ll need.

Advice for Moving Home with Locksmith Manchester

First off, congratulations on your new property! If you’ve recently moved home then you are going to have a number of security concerns and Locksmith Manchester hope to help answer some of those. Firstly, you will want a full rundown of all the current security measures in the house – where the locks are, if there is an alarm system, any hidden safes and the like. This will help you know your new home inside and out, and will lat you feel safe in the knowledge of what you’re working with.locksmith manchester moving home advice

The first thing to do is replace all the locks in your home. While the previous owners may have given back all their keys, you will never know who they gave a spare key to and thus who might have access to your home without your permission. It is obviously safest to simply change all of your locks and this will make you feel much more comfortable. Smaller locks such as windows may not need to be changed, but again, for maximum security it is best to change these too. Remember, security starts with your locks, and the risk is just not worth it.

You will then also want to change the codes for any alarm systems and CCTV systems that come with the property. This ensures that if someone gets in they can’t mute the alarm, which would mean you don’t even realise they’ve broken in until you return home later. It’s also good to follow the more basic security rules, such as not leaving a spare key outside your home – while this seems useful if you lose yours, spare keys are often easy to find and simply let a potential thief walk right into your home. Also ensure that any spare keys you lend out are returned to you, as otherwise the same problem may occur. If you have any further questions or would like to book in a lock change call Locksmith Manchester today.

Stylish Security with Locksmith Manchester

People often think that any security feature they could get for their property will be ugly and unsightly, or that they will have to pay through the roof for something that looks nice and functions well too. That is not the case however, and here at Locksmith Manchester we have a wide range of stunning security solutions for any home or business! Here are some examples of our possible upgrades for your property.secure the gate

If you are looking for a security camera, it doesn’t need to be big, bulky and stark white. We offer a range of more discrete cameras, in black and dark colours, and even have dome cameras – the shiny glass dome is a welcome addition to any room! Locksmith Manchester also often recommend window grilles to homes for their ground floor windows, but are met with protest – “It will make my home look like a prison!” is often heard. However there are some really beautiful, wrought-iron decorative and functional grilles out there – in the same way you can have a bespoke gate, you can have a stunning window grille! These really elevate any property. Speaking of windows, your windows and doors themselves can even be improved – at Locksmith Manchester we have some great doors, with metal inside so they are incredibly secure but look great too. Hard woods, old woods, you name it. If you have a safe, we can offer you an installation that will keep it out of sight, and unobtrusive in your study or office. This helps keep the decor subtle, but the security in full force. You can even update your garden in such a way that it is both visually lovely and also deters thieves – look out for a future post! So for security solutions with style, call Locksmith Manchester today.

Locksmith Manchester suggests Defensive Gardening

Defensive GardeningThe safety of your home begins in the garden, and you could be using it to a much greater extent in order to protect against any potential thieves in the locksmith Manchester area. With crime rates high, we are facing many burglaries and other issues, so you need to be sure to protect your home both inside and out. We have some great ideas to share with you today. Firstly, never skimp out on an alarm system, and in particular look for one with an external hub that flashes to indicate that the alarm system is running. Visual cues are what burglars look for in a home they are considering robbing, and this is a great deterrent against them. You should also look into getting motion activated lights and CCTV cameras, as these both allow you to see whoever is approaching your home, and to have video evidence in case something goes wrong.

Another tip is to use your plants to your advantage. There are many available plants that look lovely, but have an edge to them, such as roses or hawthorns. These can be planted in strategic points around your garden, such as beneath windows and along fences, to help keep away unwanted guests. The sharp thorns will mean that anyone trying to enter your property without your permission will injure themselves and means that anyone who spots these threats will not bother trying to enter your home. You can also plant large hedges instead of fences for a more secure garden perimeter, as hedges are harder to climb and therefore are a more secure option for your home. For any help with defensive gardening, give our passionate Manchester Locksmith team a call now!