Safe batteries


locksmiths manchester silverYour local locksmith has had the team working right across the city in recent weeks, installing safes for homes and businesses. There are numerous different safes on the market nowadays, covering all different size requirements, levels of security and opening methods. Safes can be opened by traditional key, by keypad or by biometric methods such as fingerprint scanning. Although you pay more money for them, fire-proof safes are a good investment. Whether you are aiming to store cash, jewellery or important documents, we can supply and fit the safe you need.

Locksmiths Manchester can also work to open safes if you have lost keys or forgotten the code. One thing we have found of late is an increasing number of customers calling us out frustrated because they have ignored the low battery warning on their electronic keypad entry safe and have locked the mechanical override key in the safe. Our locksmiths can quickly gain entry to your safe using heavy duty equipment; however the whole situation is understandably exasperating for customers who are left kicking themselves. Please, if you have an electronically operated safe, make sure you regularly check its power, and always keep the override key in a safe place that you can access!

locksmith manchesterFrom small home safes to large bank-style vaults, our expert team has been advising on safe installation for a number of years. We can give tips on the best location for your safe and the level of security that will be adequate for your needs. Many safes are in stock and can be fitted within days, if not on the day of your call. The team will always be available if you need help gaining access to your safe, but please don’t put yourself in the position of letting your safe battery run down, if only for the sake of your own sanity!


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