What is a chubb lock?

What is a chubb lock?

You might have heard the term chubb before and become curious. Even more so when you now are in plans of change and upgrade for your security systems. Our professionals are partial towards chubb locks due to their high quality and great security value. We would like to provide you with a bit of additional information so that you can easily make a choice of lock should you need one.

what is a chubb lockFirstly, what is a chubb lock? It’s a lock manufactured by the assa abloy group. A large manufacturer of security products and locks which has been running all the way from 1804. It’s in other words a lock with a great amount of history to it. Tradition and excellence has been what their brand has been built on. Innovation and development over the last centuries have lead assa abloy and chubb locks to recognition worldwide.

If you are interested in having a high security lock installed. One that will keep intruders out almost regardless of how well equipped they are. Speak to the local experts here now. A quick call is all that is needed for you to find the right information and the right products for you. Of course the right services for advice and installation is also available with us. Feel free to ring at any time.

The Assa abloy group is a Swedish company, however, the chubb locks originated from the UK. Charles Chubb, developed the mechanism and made it available to the public in Winchester. And from there on the company moved to larger ventures around the UK, and eventually. Leading from there up to present day. Going through many owners and many security specialists. The company find it’s high standing today. Of course changes are still happening within the company structure.

Either way, there are only good reasons to trust this high security manufacturer of locks, and ensure you contact us if you would like to know more.

Can you pick a chubb lock?

Due to the construction of this recognized lock. They are highly pick resistant and if you are locked out with one of these on your door. The best course of action is to simply call your locksmith. Impossible to pick and hard to bypass without the key a chubb lock is not something you should attempt to open on your own. They are resistant towards lock snapping and bumping, as well as other known methods of attack.

Should you arrive home to discover yourself locked out the worst thing you can do is try to get in via the door. Perhaps there are other doors which you can gain entry via. Any forced attempt to open the lock in question. May result in an even worse situation. In the brilliant design of a chubb lock there are a range of fail safes and mechanisms which trigger to get the lock well and fully secured shut. Although a locksmith can help you with a broken or battered chubb lock, it’s by no means a simple job.

Can you pick a chubb lockThe high security that an up to date chubb lock provides is the reason why we often recommend these for doors and entry point which are in need of a little extra security. Perhaps for your doors which are out of view from the street and vulnerable to attack from burglars.

If the case is that you have been locked out due to the loss of keys for your chubb lock. A replacement lock will also be needed. You can speak to our technicians about your chubb situation at any given moment. Freedom to call us at any time is yours.

Chubb locks are the less common variety of deadbolt locks and if a new lock installation is required you have a range of options. The level of training our skilled crew are up to can assist you with any chubb lock requirements. The tools and spare parts in house with us is enough to resolve any chubb lock issue fast. Now that we’ve spoken in detail about door locks and chubb lock security, please read on about the next step. How do you keep your window lock security to the same high standard?

How much does the emergency locksmith cost?

How much does the emergency locksmith cost?

If you are stuck in between a rock and a hard place. And you need to get in touch with a quick locksmith service to deal with an emergency you may worry about the cost. It’s true that an emergency need can become more costly than a regular one, often due to the time that these emergencies happen. Or if you pull the smith away from his or her current work.

There is no set number for an emergency locksmith cost. It varies with the hours and as logic dictates the more inconvenient the hour the more likely a higher cost becomes.

What is the cost if I have an emergency lockoutBut emergencies happen. And although we would like to be able t plan for them. It’s not always possible. The best way to make sure that any emergency locksmith cost that you inccur. Is to make sure that you have a competitive and trusted locksmith service number saved and close at hand.

In times of near panic, and a need to get things resolved quickly we often go to the first possible solution available. Time is most commonly of the essence in these situations. This is why having a number saved will come in handy. With the small action of saving your favorite locksmith to your contact list. You may end up making a large saving on your emergency cost when it does crop up.

If you are near us, please feel free to save our number. Also feel free to get in touch with our skilled professionals at any time for the help you need. This means both in emergency situations and for regular service needs. To get your emergency locksmith cost quoted or for anything else. Please give us a call at any hour. And keep tuned for more weekly useful advice and information on locks and security.

Do I need a lock replacement if I lost my keys?

The big security issue if your keys are nowhere to be found is just that. You don’t know where they are. This means they could be in the hands of someone who knows where the key leads. A major security concern which should be addressed as quickly as possible.

Our advice is to always have a lock replacement done if you are unaware of where all the keys leading to the lock are. No matter what latch lock or chubb lock you have installed. It can seem strong, to replace the lock based on a key which is most likely out of use. However, better safe than sorry. And with the ease of which lock replacements can be done today. There are no good reasons to keep a compromised lock in place.

Granted, if you will be at home, or attending the property the following day. The lost keys may still turn up. However, we highly recommend that you never go too long in this state. Our technicians are available, ready, and stocked with high security replacement locks for situations just like this.

change locks if lost keysAll it takes for you to have a quick, affordable lock replacement done is a quick phone call and a short amount of your time. A small price to pay to keep what you worked so hard to build under good protection.

If you are doubtful towards the situation, you are more than welcome to give our experienced staff a call at any time. They can help you bring clarity to the questions and provide accurate and affordable quotes for the work.

A lock which has been compromised. Also though the loss of keys. Should always be replaced to keep required security levels. Speak to us now, about your lock replacement. Or get in touch for any other locksmith need.

Locksmiths Stretford

Locksmiths Stretford are a new branch of Locksmiths Manchester, expanding services across the whole of the Manchester area. Locksmiths Stretford offer a wide range or quality, professional locksmithing services to ensure the security of your property and ensure you always have access to your property in the event of an emergency.

locksmiths manchester silverLocksmiths Stretford emergency locksmithing service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help forestall any locksmithing disasters. Lost or broken your keys? Locksmiths Stretford can get you back into your house, office, shop or vehicle within the hour. In the horrible event that your house has been broken into, Locksmiths Stretford can help restore your peace of mind by replacing your locks and improving your home-security. All kinds of locks and security services are available from Locksmiths Manchester, including bolt and deadlocks, door chains and bolts, window bars and shutters and CCTV and alarm systems.

All of our team members here at Locksmiths Stretford are carefully vetted for their reliability, punctuality, politeness, experience and legal history. Our handpicked locksmiths provide the utmost in careful customer service while efficiently conduction their tasks. All new locks and keys are carefully recorded and all spare keys for new locks are turned over to you on installation, Locksmiths Stretford do not keep spare keys to locks once they are installed in your property.

Locksmiths Stretford Services

locksmiths manchester officeFor commercial and industrial properties, Locksmiths Stretford can provide efficient, professional security systems and locks, as well as taking care of installations for large construction projects. Locksmiths Stretford are available for contractual work such as the maintenance of franchise security systems that need careful attention.

Safe batteries


locksmiths manchester silverYour local locksmith has had the team working right across the city in recent weeks, installing safes for homes and businesses. There are numerous different safes on the market nowadays, covering all different size requirements, levels of security and opening methods. Safes can be opened by traditional key, by keypad or by biometric methods such as fingerprint scanning. Although you pay more money for them, fire-proof safes are a good investment. Whether you are aiming to store cash, jewellery or important documents, we can supply and fit the safe you need.

Locksmiths Manchester can also work to open safes if you have lost keys or forgotten the code. One thing we have found of late is an increasing number of customers calling us out frustrated because they have ignored the low battery warning on their electronic keypad entry safe and have locked the mechanical override key in the safe. Our locksmiths can quickly gain entry to your safe using heavy duty equipment; however the whole situation is understandably exasperating for customers who are left kicking themselves. Please, if you have an electronically operated safe, make sure you regularly check its power, and always keep the override key in a safe place that you can access!

locksmith manchesterFrom small home safes to large bank-style vaults, our expert team has been advising on safe installation for a number of years. We can give tips on the best location for your safe and the level of security that will be adequate for your needs. Many safes are in stock and can be fitted within days, if not on the day of your call. The team will always be available if you need help gaining access to your safe, but please don’t put yourself in the position of letting your safe battery run down, if only for the sake of your own sanity!


More information to follow soon. Follow through here if you would like to know more about our services. Including the 24 emergency service. More about lockout costs here.

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